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Hawthorne Auto Clinic Certified as First Portland-Area

Eco-Logical Business

Hawthorne Auto Clinic, Inc. has been selected as the first Portland- area Pollution Prevention Outreach Team (P2O) certified Eco-Logical Business automotive repair shop. Liz Dally and Jim Houser are certified mechanics and co-owners of the SE Portland shop.

Picture: Liz Dally, far left, Jim Houser, far right, and the Hawthorne Auto Clinic crew.
Liz became concerned with environmental protection issues at Mom's Garage in the 1970's while sharing building space with Sunflower Recycling. Now in their own shop, Liz and Jim use exemplary environmental practices.

"Auto shops have a reputation as being polluters," says Jim. "We want to correct that image. Many shops are doing work, like us, to properly handle environmental issues."

Hawthorne Auto follows numerous laudable practices, including:

  • Cardboard, paper boxes, and scrap paper, as well as metal parts, batteries and fluids removed from vehicles during repairs, are recycled.
  • Many worn parts removed from customer's vehicles are recovered as cores for re-manufacturing.
  • Oil filters are drained to reclaim the used oil and then recycled for their metal content.
  • Used motor oil is collected for recycling and energy recovery.
  • Re-refined motor oil, which meets the same quality standards as new oil but saves energy in the refining process, is offered to customers.
  • Bulk anti-freeze is purchased to avoid wasteful plastic containers.

The auto shop has chosen to keep the original 1933 vintage garage to maintain the character of the neighborhood. The resulting space limitations require creative problem solving.

Seeking safe and prudent storage for anti-freeze drums, Jim found a secondary containment system that uses a bladder that expands in the event of a liquid spill.

To save money and benefit the environment, Hawthorne Auto Clinic uses aerosol cans that are charged with shop air.

This allows bulk purchase of products such as penetrants and brake cleaners, saving the cost of propellants and empty can disposal.

Jim is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of G.O. Garage Parts, Inc. an auto parts buying cooperative. Hawthorne Auto Clinic seeks out products made from recycled materials and offers remanufactured starter, alternators, and other automotive components.

In 1996, they received one of the first Better Business Bureau Business Integrity Awards. They participate in an international web site of automotive businesses and technicians dedicated to cooperatively solving auto repair and related problems.

Liz and Jim choose to use many of their advertising dollars to donate gift certificates to local non-profit organizations for their fundraising events. Donating time, talent and money in their community is part of their philosophy as a responsible company.

Jim Houser and Liz Dally
4307 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, OR 97215
(503) 234-2119


The Eco-Logical Business/ Automotive Services Program is a joint project of the Automotive Service Association, the Pacific Automotive Trades Association, AAA of Oregon/Idaho and the Pollution Prevention Outreach Team (Portland, Gresham, Clackamas and Washington counties, United Sewerage Agency, Metro and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality). This program recognizes businesses that reach the highest standards in minimizing their environmental impact.


  • Certified Eco-Logical Business exceeds local environmental requirements and insures that Best Management Practices are followed.
  • Certification assures customers that the business has taken the necessary steps to reduce water and air pollution, hazardous and solid waste.
  • Certification of Excellence Award for responsible environmental management notifies the community that shops care about the environment.


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