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Eco-Logical Business Checklist - pdf

Recycling Resources/Services - pdf

Compendia For Construction and Auto Recycling

  • Construction
  • List of Compliance Assistance Tools for Construction Sites - pdf
  • Federal Environmental Requirements for Construction - pdf
  • Automotive
  • List of Compliance Assistance Tools for Auto Recycling Facilities - pdf
  • Fuel for Thought...How to Reduce Wastes at Your Shop - pdf
  • Consolidated Screening Checklist for Automotive Repair Facilities Guidebook - pdf
  • Searchable Database
  • Visit the National Environmental Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse to view the Electronic Compendium of Compliance Assistance Tools (ECCAT). -
    Visit Clearing House

Hazardous Waste Management

  • EPA Fact Sheet - Profit Through Prevention - pdf
  • Metro's Hazardous Waste Collection Program (for CEGs) - pdf
  • DEQ Notification of Hazardous Waste Activity - pdf
  • Metro Application and Certification Form - pdf
  • Metro Credit Application Package - pdf
  • Safety Kleen The Best Reflection That You Can - pdf
  • Spencer Environmental Services
  • Wesco Parts Cleaners Services - pdf
  • DEQ Management of Waste Batteries Under the Universal Waste Rule - pdf
  • Saitek Eco-Charger - pdf
  • Ni-Cad Batteries and Chargers - pdf
  • Let the Sun Juice Your Battery Habit - pdf
  • DEQ Universal Waste Mercury-Containing Lamp Management - pdf
  • Earth Protection Services Inc. Recycle Fluor. Lamps & Lighting Ballasts - pdf
  • EcoLights Northwest - Fluorescent Lamp Recycling - pdf
  • Foss 2-4 Drum Roll Top Cover (outdoor storage) - pdf
  • Toxics Use Reduction Plan Example pdf

Antifreeze Recycling

  • DEQ Used Antifreeze Factsheet- pdf
  • EPA Fact Sheet - Antifreeze Recycling- pdf
  • Geni Products Recylce Waste Antifreeze- pdf
  • Glytek Antifreeze Products - recycled antifreeze products- pdf
  • Delaware Antifreeze Recycling Factsheet- pdf

Freon Recycling

  • EPA Section 609 Technician Certification Programs- pdf
  • EPA Section 609 Approved Equipment- pdf
  • EPA Choosing and Using Alternative Refrigerants for Motor Vehicles Air Conditioning- pdf
  • EPA Fact Sheet - Aqueous Parts Cleaning -pdf
  • EPA Fact Sheet - Case Studies in Aqueous Parts Cleaning -pdf
  • Network Tool Warehouse Automatic Aqueous Parts Washer -pdf
  • Network Tool Warehouse Spray Jet Parts Washer -pdf
  • Mega Mate Environmental Parts Washer -pdf
  • American Equipment Aqueous Parts Washers; Hydro-Blast -pdf
  • Better Engineering Batch Load Turntable Systems -pdf
  • Better Engineering Automotive Washers -pdf
  • Wesco Parts Cleaners -pdf
  • EPA Fact Sheet - Aqueous Brake Washers -pdf
  • Network Tool Warehouse Brake Washer Clayton BCE500 -pdf
  • ZEP Adjustable Brake Buggy II -pdf
  • Switching to Water-Based Cleaners for Automotive Brake Cleaning (CAL-EPA) -pdf
  • Case Study - 7 case studies on water-based brake cleaning -pdf
  • DEQ letter to Safety-Kleen regarding used part-cleaning solvents used for drum washing at Safety-Kleen -pdf
  • EPA letter to Safety-Kleen regarding used part-cleaning solvents used for drum washing at Safety-Kleen -pdf
  • Safety-Kleen letter to EPA regarding used part-cleaning solvents used for drum washing at Safety-Kleen -pdf
  • Safety-Kleen Customers’ Continued Use Question and Answers Factsheet -pdf
  • DEQ letter to Fred Meyer, Inc. regarding recycling spent photo fixer w/o counting waste toward generator status -pdf
  • EnviroSense Factsheet: Considerations for Selecting a Distillation Unit for On-Site Solvent Recycling -pdf
Used Oil/Filters
  • EPA Fact Sheet – Oil Life Extension (fleets) -pdf
  • EPA Fact Sheet – Reusable Oil Filters (fleets) -pdf
  • DEQ Fact Sheet – Used Oil Generators -pdf
  • Foss Oil Skimmer -pdf
  • New Pig Tramp Oil Skimmers -pdf
  • New Pig Oil Filter/Paint Can Crusher -pdf
  • Network Tool Warehouse 25 Ton Press Accessory Oil Filter Crusher -pdf
  • OBERG International Filter Crushers -pdf
  • John Dow Automotive & Heavy-Duty Truck Filter Crusher -pdf
  • Lubrication Pro Used Oil Filter Crushers -pdf
  • Impel "Big 8" Oil Filter Crusher -pdf
  • American Equipment Clean Burn (used oil furnace) -pdf
Re-Refined Oil
  • Christenson Oil SOAR Recycled Oil Products -pdf
  • King County, Washington Motor Oil, Re-Refined -pdf
  • EPA Vehicular Products- Re-Refined Lubricating Oil -pdf
  • 's The Scoop on Re-Refined Oil -pdf
  • Rerefined Oil Performance and TxDOT Used Oil Collection Procedures -pdf
  • Waste Age- Closing the Oil Loop -pdf
  • The Case for Re-refined Motor Oil: FAQs -pdf
Auto Body Refinishing
  • DEQ Motor Vehicle Refinishing Rules -pdf
  • EPA Best Practices for the Paint Mixing Room -pdf
  • EPA Best Practices for Auto Refinishers When Spray Painting -pdf
  • EPA HVLP Spray Guns: Cost-Effective, Environment-Friendly Technology -pdf
  • Qwest - Auto Body Shop Equipment, Supplies, listings -pdf
  • LaserTouch Laser-Guided Spray Gun -pdf
  • Safety-Kleen Paint Recycling -pdf
  • Aquatec Coatings -pdf
  • Sherwin Williams Super Green Shield 388 Fast-Drying Overspray Mask -pdf
  • 3M Liquid Masking- Natural Waste Disposal -pdf
  • Automotive Body Shop Specialties -pdf
Alternative Gun Washing Solvents
  • Safe Strip - Environmentally Preferred Paint and Coating Remover -pdf
  • Inland Technology Inc. Paint Equipment Cleaning, Alternatives to MEK and Lacquer Thinner -pdf
  • Inland Technology Inc. EP 921, alternative to MEK and lacquer thinner -pdf
  • PFTM-Ink specialty industrial solvent -pdf
Wash Water Management
  • American Equipment AEC Sewer Discharge System SD-25 -pdf
  • Freylit Washwater Recycling System -pdf
  • Landa Self-Contained Wash-Water Recycling System with Above-Ground Oil-Water Separator -pdf
  • Environmental Business Solutions On-Site Mobile Filtration -pdf
  • Environmental Cleaning Systems - mobile wash system -pdf
  • Karcher Model ASA 600 SS - automatic processer for wash water -pdf
Storm Water Management
  • Storm Water Management Inc. Stormfilter -pdf
  • Storm Water Management Inc. Catch Basin -pdf
  • Emerald Seed - Supply Stream Saver -pdf
  • New Pig Drain Insert -pdf
  • EPA Fact Sheet - Oil/Water Separators -pdf
  • New Pig Storm Drain Snout (oil/water separator) -pdf
  • Foss StreamGuard Catch Basin -pdf
  • Water to Ocean - Drains to Stream Stencil Kit -pdf
  • Foss - Drains to Stream Stencil Kit -pdf
  • City of Portland Environmental Services -Outside Storage of Raw Materials -pdf
  • Protect Our Rivers Disconnect Your Downspouts -pdf
  • Naturescaping For Clean Rivers -pdf
  • P2O letter from Gary Barnes about Streamsaver -pdf
Oil Water Separators
  • Freylit Oil-Water Separator -pdf
  • NCEL Technical Note - Nonpersistent Emulsifying Degreaser Test Results -pdf
  • Product Waste and Storage -pdf
Secondary Containment
  • New Pig Heavy-Duty and Standard-Duty 4-Drum Pallets -pdf
  • New Pig 2-Drum Pallet -pdf
  • New Pig Drum Pallet and Containment Sump/Inline Drum Storage Deck -pdf
  • New Pig Conical Drain Plug -pdf
  • New Pig Drain Snout Drain Barrier -pdf
  • Foss 2-Drum Roll Top Spill Pallet Cover/4-Drum Roll Top Spill Pallet Cover -pdf
  • Foss IBC Spill-Pal/Poly Collector/Poly Tank Containment -pdf
  • Foss Tough Job Spillpallet 6000/Slim Line 6000/Tough Job Spillpallet 2000 -pdf
  • Foss Drain Protector/Conical Plug/Plug Rug -pdf
Spill Prevention and Response
  • Advanced Environmental Solutions, Inc. Spill Response Kits -pdf
  • Ultra-Drain Guard Catch Basin Inserts -pdf
  • New Pig Mats -pdf
  • New Pig Socks -pdf
  • New Pig Pillows -pdf
  • New Pig Overpak Kits -pdf
  • New Pig Pans -pdf
  • New Pig Loose Absorbents -pdf
  • New Pig Spill Kits -pdf
  • New Pig Drainblocker -pdf
  • New Pig Drain Snout Drain Barrier -pdf
  • New Pig Justrite Safety Drum Funnels -pdf
  • New Pig Drum Funnels -pdf
  • New Pig Drum Funnel -pdf
  • New Pig Spill Pad -pdf
  • Foss Overpak Spill Kits -pdf
  • Foss Budget Bag/Spill Berm Kit -pdf
  • Foss Drum Workstations -pdf
  • Foss Booms/Pillows/Pans -pdf
  • Foss Drain Pans -pdf
  • Foss Drain Protector/Conical Plug/Plug Rug -pdf
  • Foss Poly Drum Funnels -pdf
  • Naturesaver Recycling System with NatureSorb -pdf
  • Spill Response Procedures (example) -pdf
  • Sample SPCC Plan -pdf
  • Wurth's Supplemental Invoice and Inventory Management System -pdf
  • EPA Fact Sheet - Floor Cleanup -pdf
  • New Pig Water Jet floor washer -pdf
  • Aerosolv Aerosol Can Recycling -pdf
  • New Pig Aerosolve Can Puncturing System -pdf
  • Foss Aerosolve Aerosol Can Recycling System -pdf>
  • EPA Fact Sheet - Refillable Spray Bottles -pdf
  • Wurth Quick Shooter- refillable, reusable sprayer -pdf
  • Sure Shot Pressure Sprayer & Atomizer - refillable, reusable sprayer -pdf
  • Chesterton Hand Trigger Sprayers - refillable, reusable sprayer -pdf
  • Foss Sure Shot Sprayers -pdf
  • Osborn International – economical refillable, bulk, non-chlorinated products -pdf
  • ZEP Environmentally Preferred Product List -pdf
  • Propane Cylinder Recycling - Southern Idaho Solid Waste -pdf
  • New Pig Propane Cylinder Recycling System -pdf
  • CCAR Greenlink - Helping Automotive Professionals Protect the Environment -pdf
  • Recycled Automotive Plastics -pdf
  • Automotive Learning Center Frequently Asked Questions (automotive plastics recycling) -pdf
  • IBM PC Recycling Service -pdf
  • NYSDEC Automotive Mercury Switch Recycling Project -pdf
Employee Training
  • Responsibilities of Service Technician -pdf
  • Safe Work Practices that Reduce Worker Exposures to Hazardous Chemicals -pdf
  • EPA Supplied Air Respirators in Auto Shops: Get the Best Protection -pdf
  • EPA Choosing the Right Gloves for Painting Cars -pdf
  • GreenLink/CCAR Factsheet: Controlling Brake Dust to Protect Your Health -pdf
  • GreenLink/CCAR Factsheet: Catalytic Converters -pdf
  • GreenLink/CCAR Factsheet: Fueling Information -pdf
  • Training Class Log (example) -pdf
  • Task List For Facility Maintenance Technician -pdf
  • Job Description For Facility Maintenance Technician -pdf
  • Hazardous Materials Training-Refresher Outline -pdf
  • Portland Energy Office Climate Wise -pdf
  • Portland General Electric Energy-Efficiency Programs -pdf
  • Northwest Natural Field Services -pdf
  • Portland Water Bureau's BIG Water Conservation Program -pdf
  • Save Some for Tomorrow- Water Conservation Ideas for Commercial Buildings -pdf
  • Go Green: Power your facility with renewable energy -pdf

  • Foss Environmental 2000 Industrial Product Guide -pdf
  • New Pig 2000 Leak & Spill Pigalog -pdf


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